Our Strong Foundation Based on Solid Technological Expertise and a Reputation for Reliability Helps us Gain New Technological Heights and Share them with the World.

Diamond Electric is energized by a driving force of progressive R&D programs, ceaseless efforts to achieve higher quality and the commitment of people striving to achieve corporate goals. Our proprietary technology has resulted in exciting product developments for brand new areas. These corporate endeavors have allowed Diamond Electric products to gain greater international recognition.
Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy is to promote environmentally friendly business by preserving resources and minimizing waste through reducing consumption, reuse of materials, and recycling. We commit to comply with pertinent environmental regulations and other environmental requirements. As part of our business planning and continuous improvement activities we establish environmental goals and objectives. We encourage environmental awareness among our employees.
  • Comply with pertinent environmental regulations
  • Set environmental goals and objectives
  • Encourage environmental awareness
  • Preserve resources
Purchasing Terms and Conditions

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U.S. Corporate Office

Diamond Electric Mfg. Corp.
State Rt. 62, Eleanor Industrial Park                                    
Eleanor, WV.  25070                                  
Phone    304-586-0070

Fax: 304-586-0075



U.S. Sales Office

Diamond Electric Mfg. Corp 
455 East Eisenhower Parkway, Suite 50
Ann Arbor, Mi. 48101

Phone: 734-995-5525
Fax: 734-995-5726

  Parent Company Corporate Office
Osaka Head Office
Tsukamoto, Japan
Incorporated 1937
Visit Japan's web site for manufacturing locations in Japan
www.diaelec.co.jp (Japanese and English)
  Hungary Manufacturing Plant
Diamond Electronic Hungary Kft.
Esztergom, Hungary
Visit Hungary's web site for more information
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